Own a retail, medical, and/or professional services business? If so, this may be an excellent advertising opportunity. We have…

  • Advertise with Waves Auto Spa 50,000 customers relax in our lobby on an annual basis.
  • On average these customers are a captive audience for 25-30 minutes.
  • Customers, who by virtue of using our services, demonstrate that they have disposable income.
  • Very nice customers who might want or need your product or services. Turn our customers' wait into an opportunity for you to reach a high end demographic. Your ad placed on our 42” plasma screen may be the way to reach a new audience in a very cost effective method.

For details and pricing on these advertising opportunities please contact Henry L. Kirkendall at 772-778-4588. The cost is $40/month or $400 prepaid for the entire year!!

Reciprocal Marketing

In addition to our on screen advertising opportunities we offer two additional proven cost effective ways for you to draw new customers and reward existing customers.

Counter Display With Discount Cards

Our 8.5x11 counter display offers your customers a $3 discount on our popular “Body Shield Wash,” a $23 value for only $20. The display is customized with YOUR BUSINESS name and indicates that the discount is compliments of YOUR BUSINESS.

Please contact Henry Kirkendall TODAY at 772 778-4588 (car wash) to request Customized Counter Display.

Waiting room and shop
Table and chairs inside