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Waves Auto Spa provides vehicle owners who value supreme service the best carwash and detail experience, so they proudly drive away in a pristine ride!

72 hour rain guarantee.
Fast and enjoyable experience.
One stop shop for all your car's needs.
Free wifi in a comfortable lobby.

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We are conveniently located off US Hwy 1


1588 US Highway 1
Vero Beach, FL 32960
Corner of 16th St & US 1


Mon - Sat: 8:30 AM to 5 PM
Sun: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Phone: (772) 778-4588


There are a range of negative emotions that can be associated with driving a dirty car


Feeling self-conscious about how your vehicle looks.


Looking at unsightly dirt and grime that is sometimes accompanied by unpleasant odors.


Feeling others are judging you for the condition of your car.

Loss of Confidence

Not feeling as good about yourself when driving or parking your car in public places.

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The Good News Is
You Never Have To Drive A Dirty Car Again!

Better yet, you can stop paying full price!

With Waves Auto Spa's Monthly Wash Club, you can get an exterior wash whenever you want for one low monthly fee.

Never pay full price for a car wash again!

Join The Club

The benefits of becoming a monthly wash club member: Take proper care of your vehicle. Save time. Save money. Special discounts on detailing. No long term contracts. Wash weekly and save!

Studies show that driving a clean car makes you feel happy, energized and productive. At Wave's, our team focuses our energy on providing the highest level of customer service, while offering that 'feel good' experience every visit.

We provide every level of service your car may need:

Car Wash Packages: Basic Wash - $10. The Works - $15. The Rain X - $20. Ceramic Seal - $25. Add full service interior: members - $10. Non-Members - $15
Express Detailing. Hand Wax. Express Carpets. Express Seats. While you wait coatings. * Additional charges may apply. Prices do not include sales tax.
Premium Detailing. Complete interior. Bumper to Bumper. One-Step paint correction. Two-step paint correction. Three-step paint correction. Ceramic Pro Installers. * Additional charges may apply. Prices do not include sales tax.

Service Your Way

Free Vacuums

Microfiber Towel Dry

Gift Boutique

You deserve to drive a car that makes you feel good about yourself

At Waves Auto Spa, this is our ultimate goal with each and every wash.

Here is how our system works:


Pull forward and let our friendly staff member know which wash you would like. (Monthly members have their own lane)


Drive your car to the tunnel, where each car is pre-prepped. If you prefer, we will ride your car through the tunnel.


Full service customers can relax in our comfortable lobby or one of our outdoor seating areas while our team completes your service.


Every car is finished with a microfiber towel dry by hand. You now have a clean, shiny car that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good.

Get your free wash now!


At Waves, we know that you are someone who wants the appearance of your car to match the high standards you live by.

Waves Auto Spa makes this easy and convenient, saving you time and money. We are the solution to ensure that your car stays in pristine condition, so you never have to feel frustrated because you didn't have the time to do it yourself.


Feel good about your clean car! Wave's makes your carwash experience fast, convenient, and enjoyable.

There is no need to be uncomfortable riding in a dirty car.

Drop by Waves Auto Spa today!

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