Waves Car Wash and Detailing center A thorough detail could take between six and eight hours if done at home. In addition to losing a whole day you will, undoubtedly, try several unfamiliar chemicals that may or may not work. We put multiple resources on a car to get it done quickly and correctly while freeing up your time. Plus we are expert users of highly concentrated and specialized chemicals that will not damage your car’s finish, leather, or upholstery. We know all the tricks of the trade! Professional Detailing will keep your car’s surface and finishes healthy and protected, and will actually lengthen the useful life of your car. Today’s engines require little maintenance compared to years ago, but paint and fabric/leather technology hasn’t moved as quickly. Maintaining these surfaces will lengthen their useful life. We have even had customers comment on increased value on their trade-ins as a result of our detailing service.

Detailing the Inside

Contemporary interiors are often leather and all certainly have plastics or other synthetic trim. The effects of sun and heat (car cabin temperature can reach 160 degrees) deplete these materials of their natural oils and plasticizers – said simply they dry-out and fade. The leather, vinyl, and rubber dressings we use will protect and beautify. Creating a healthy internal cabin environment is the most obvious reason to rid the interior vents of dust, clean accumulated dander out of the carpets, and wipe the surfaces of inevitable build-up of bacteria.

Our Services Include:

  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Leather Cleaning and Conditioning
  • Rubber and Vinyl Conditioning

Detailing the Outside

The Florida environment is hard on automotive exteriors. The sun fades paint and opens pores to infiltration by a variety of contaminants. The effects of acid rain and damage from sprinkler water is visible on virtually every car. Fortunately, we have ways to not only minimize the damage, but reverse it!


  • Compounding
  • Waxing
  • Polishing
  • Claybarring
  • Paint Overspray Removal
  • Scratch Removal
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Odor and Smoke Treatment (deep clean then ozone treatment)
  • Paint Touch Up

Common Exterior Conditions

Oxidization is the effect of UV rays that causes paint to become dull and flat. Under a microscope, the paint looks dry and cracked like the desert. This condition opens the paint pores and dramatically increases penetration by environmental contaminants such as dirt, and salt – all resulting in stains.

Etching is caused by acid rain, hard tap water, bird droppings, and the dreaded lovebugs.

Micro Marring is also known as swirl marks and spider webbing. This condition is often caused by inexperienced detailers using incorrect polishing wheels and aggressive abrasive compounds.

Scratches happen all the time through normal use. If they don’t extend beyond the first 25% of the topcoat they can be repaired by compounding and waxing. IF the flaw can be felt by your fingernail clicking over it, it is too deep to be repaired by compounding.