Waves Advantage

We have the newest facility and equipment in Vero Beach. Our soft cloth technology insures a scratch free gentle washing of delicate clear coat finishes. It is about applying the right chemical, at the right time.

Our state of the art poodle brushes with the sole purpose of cleaning those hard to reach areas.

High pressure wheel washers designed to do only one job - blast dirt off and make wheels shiny again.

No touch drying technology NO bounce along hard plastic rollers or old style inflatable bags used at some washes.

Extreme Shine™, the best $3 you could spend. This automatic application of Extreme Shine™ is a UV inhibitor and rain shield for your car. Extreme Shine™ minimizes damaging effects of the sun, promotes water beading on glass and paint, helps improve visibility on glass surfaces and combats the effect of salt, acid rain, and dirt. All that for an extra $3. Your car will love you.

Priority Club memberships are available at no charge and entitle members to perks, such as free washes during your birthday month, on a monthly basis you will receive exclusive email offers, 72 hour rain check, and much, much more. Fill out our application on the Priority Club page or fill out an application while you are paying the cashier on your next visit to Waves.


We are doing our part to ensure our business is environmentally responsible and are always researching new ways to make ourselves more green.


  • We recycle 90% of our water
  • We infuse our water with Ozone and treat it
  • We remove solids and other contaminates from our water before it leaves our building


  • We use "green" chemicals whenever possible
  • We've eliminated ACID, and replaced it with a citrus based cleaner
  • We now use a water-based tire shine rather than the petroleum based one most washes use - which is outlawed in 9 states!


  • We have reduced our consumption by:
  • Using the BEST mix of pressure and nozzles
  • Cycling equipment on and off between cars
  • Our blower is one of the most energy efficient in the industry

WAVES vs. Home Wash

  • We're more earth friendly - based on typical water pressure and standard hoses, you may be using as much as 14 GALLONS a minute while washing your car at home!
  • If you were able to wash your car within 5 minutes, that's almost 70 GALLONS of wasted water...Waves uses only 3.2 gallons of fresh water per car.